Fine art prints from the Lee Miller archives

The Print Room offers to collectors, museums, and all who are passionate about Lee Miller’s photography, the opportunity to acquire Fine Archival and Platinum Palladium Prints, directly from the Lee Miller Archives.

Corsetry, Solarised photograph, Vogue studio, London, England 1942 by Lee Miller

The Print Room holds a collection of Fine Archival Gelatin Silver prints, in edition and non-edition, hand-printed in the darkroom at Farleys House, Lee’s Sussex home, by Carole Callow; Estate Fine Printer for the Lee Miller Archives for over 36 years, until her retirement in 2017. After which, the darkroom was closed and printing ceased. The remaining prints are highly collectible and offer an endlessly intriguing glimpse, through Lee Miller’s eye, of the world, events, and people of the Twentieth Century.

Much research was made into the techniques and darkroom equipment that Lee Miller would have used. Made predominantly from Lee Miller’s original negatives, each image has been printed on high-quality fibre-based paper, selenium toned for enhanced permanence, retouched, and hand-finished. Although the Gelatin Silver darkroom at Farleys House has closed, collectors selections of Lee Miller Platinum Palladium prints are also available in editions of up to 30, printed for the Lee Miller Archives by 31 Studio/The Platinum Print room, the foremost specialist printers for Platinum and Platinum Palladium in the UK. All of our fine archival prints are authenticated, certified, and blind stamped. Prices start at £2,910.00 for non-editioned Fine Archival Gelatin Silver Prints and £4,000.00 for editioned Platinum Palladium Prints.

Fine Archival Prints of the work of Roland Penrose and the private work of David E. Scherman are also available.

Frequently asked questions

Does 'non-editioned' mean there is only one of this print in existence?

Not always; historically when non-editioned prints were made for special orders, or for specific exhibitions, an extra print or maybe several prints might have been made. These prints are not numbered as in editions.

What steps should be taken to keep Fine Prints in good condition?

Please follow this link for advice on the care of Fine Prints.

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